Many astrology propagators believe that the moon’s ebb and flow affects human life throughout the lunar cycle. They believe that each shape the moon presents carries a symbolic meaning such as a full moon representing completion and endings and a new moon bringing sensations of potential, self-reflection and fresh, new beginnings.

Contrary to full moons, new moons are promising fresh and new beginnings.
Contrary to full moons, new moons are promising fresh and new beginnings.

Celebrity Psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman has shared a list of do’s and don’ts for rituals to be performed during the new moon.


Contrary to full moons, new moons are promising fresh and new beginnings. However, when you’re stuck with old habits, new ones don’t find their way into your mind or life.

Astrologer Inbaal suggests: “As the new moon is reborn, so are our opportunities to start something new. There’s no point in dragging old projects, friendships, or relationships that no longer serve us. Use the time of the dark moon as a full stop. Delete or throw away the old, which will help bring in the new.”

Believe in yourself in this new moon, as only you can lead yourself to a fresh and focused life.


Now, since you’ve let go of the old it’s time to embrace the new and since we don’t want to feel too ambitious with too many goals a slower journey is more beneficial in the longer run. What’s the best way to do this? Set your goals.

“Jump on every new moon to reaffirm old goals and add to them new goals. As the moon grows, you’ll have a visual representation in the sky of your success growing,” advises the astrologer.


The darkness of the new moon is the best phase for you to stay low and sow your seeds. It’s a great time to rest and prepare both mentally and physically.

“The benefits of a good night’s sleep can’t be overstated. Whereas the full moon period is a time to stay up and make our wishes and charge our moon water, the new moon period is the exact opposite. Shut your eyes and let sleep take over,” suggests Inbaal.


Well, a coin has two sides and so does the new moon. It all depends on where you decide to focus your energy. While some can rest judiciously and prepare for growth and success, many might let the time go and snooze.

The cleaner your mind and environment the better the new moon can be for you. A mess around is a mess inside.

Therefore, this time try and organize your life with vision boards, calendars and deadlines.


If you charge yourself with social interactions, make sure you don’t reveal everything about this new moon. A hum of low energy may make you feel lonely, but take this time to plan out the life you visualise.

“It’s alright to write up your to-do list and not post it to social media. It’s alright to be secretive about your desires. It’s absolutely fine to date someone without anyone else getting involved! In our oversharing society, it may be unusual to keep some things under your hat, but it benefits your sense of autonomy when you keep some things away from public eyes.”

A social media break is also something you could think of. Rather than getting influenced by someone’s life and planning yours, it’ll allow you to focus on what you really want for yourself.

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