Explained: Controversy Over Nalli Silks Ad Featuring Models Without Bindi

Some users added that they would “boycott” the brand completely.

Around the festive months of October and November, a lot of brands release advertisements based on the theme of happiness, celebrations with family, and traditions. Similarly, a prominent brand, Nalli Silks, recently released an advertisement to promote their new designs. However, it was met with a lot of backlash as the model, who was wearing a beautiful saree, was spotted without a bindi. According to beliefs, any ethnic attire, especially during festivities is seen incomplete without proper jewellery and bindi. The bindi is also considered a symbol of good luck. Several users on the internet were disappointed with the same and #NoBindiNoBusiness started trending on social media. A section of people were also outraged because the advertisement also came at the auspicious time of Navratri.

Social Media Reactions

The missing bindi drew ridicule for the brand. Many dissatisfied users vented their frustrations online, with the hashtag “No Bindi No Business” trending on microblogging platform X, formerly Twitter. “Look at this advertisement. Even a traditional firm like Nalli is using a model who is not wearing a bindi and looking morose. Doesn’t look like a celebration,” said a user.

“First of all wear a Bindi. Nalli! You get most of your business from Hindus, who purchase silk sarees for Wedding, deepavali Pongal etc and still you try to play this ugly trick. Shameful!” remarked another person.

A third user said, “Sad to see even a brand like @NalliSilk falling for the grumpy, no-bindi, mourning look! #NoBindiNoBusiness.”

“People visit Nalli for festive shopping. This hardly seems festive,” added a user. “What’s this Dull, deadpan look without Bindi ? This is festival time, is she going to a funeral?” added another user.

“Never again buying from @NalliSilk , this is not a mistake this is on purpose,” commented a person. 

Some also added that they would “boycott” the brand completely. 

However, some people came in support of the brand. “Wat d F’s wrong wid ppl these days? Who r these custodians of culture who r slamming d Ad put out by Nalli Silks? We wear a bindi wen we feel lyk. Whether one’s spouse is dead or alive, doesn’t matter! It hs no bearing on wat we choose 2 wear or nt wear!” remarked a person.

New Advertisement

After a lot of criticism, Nalli Silks launched another advertisement which was shared by actor Soni Srivastava. In the clip, several models are seen dressed in Nalli Silk Sarees and are flaunting their jewellery and bindis.

The reel began with a woman wearing a bindi on her empty forehead, followed by others applying kajal, wearing nose rings and earrings and adding fragrant flowers to their one’s hair along with bangles and necklaces to give a festive vibe.

Similar Cases

Recently, HDFC Bank faced criticism for its new “Vigil Aunty” ad. In the advertisement, a character named “Vigil Aunty” was seen wearing a bindi resembling a stop sign. The advertisement was part of the 2022 HDFC campaign, which aimed to promote secure banking practices nationwide. HDFC Bank collaborated with actress Anuradha Menon to play “Vigil Aunty” for this cyber fraud awareness initiative.

However, the ad faced criticism online, with some people labelling it as anti-Hindu. An upset user wrote on X, “HDFC Bank What is this? How can you mock Hindu women like this? Do Hindu women wear bindi like this? What the need of a women in vigil army.” 

Another agreed, saying, “@HDFC_Bank @HDFCBank_Cares Whoever is your creative head, he/she lacks basic manners of respecting cultural sensitivities of a majority of your customers. $tupidity at it’s best.”

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