Study Abroad: Explore Admission And Visa Process For Studying In Greece

Study in Greece.

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Study in Greece (SiG) is Greece’s national agency for the internationalization of Higher Education that helps in assisting the foreign students.

Before starting the academic journey in Greece in bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degrees students are advised to make the preparation of the required documents. These documents may also require translation sometimes. Once the application process is approved, the university will send a formal letter of acceptance to confirm the details of the course and the starting dates for the programme.

Getting a Visa
Citizens of the European Union do not need a visa to study in Greece. However, a student visa is required for the non-EU citizens.
For a non-EU student, the Study in Greece national agency cooperates with ‘Global Visa’ centre to make the first step of entering to Greece easier. The students are offered with a range of services such as consultation, document, interview preparation and ongoing support from the portal. 

Consultation: The agency works to understand the specific needs and requirements of students in order to provide guidance on the best visa options for them.

Document preparation: The Study in Greece agency helps aspirants in gathering and preparing the necessary documentation required for the visa application. The students are helped with the transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other required materials.

Interview preparation: Many student visa applications require an in-person interview. The agency helps the students by providing important guidance on how to appear in an interview for the same. 

Ongoing support: The Study in Greece portal assures the students for extending the required support for the entire visa process.

Greece has large number of houses for rent that are ideal for students’ stay for long-term and short-term. The students can find houses in prime locations throughout the university cities. They can select from range of accommodation types, including shared apartments, private studios, and dormitory-style rooms. All of the houses provided here are fully furnished and equipped with basic necessities. 

Universities in Greece
There are currently 24 universities in Greece, all of which are accredited by the Greek state. All the Higher Tertiary state-accredited universities in Greece are public.
The duration of the undergraduate degree programmes for most disciplines is four years. However, some programmes in architecture, engineering, dentistry, pharmacology, agronomic, forestry, run for a duration of 5 years. The medicine course in the country runs for a duration of 6 years. The School of Fine Arts requires special exams, and 5 years of studies.

Higher education in Greece
Higher Education University sector in Greece aims at establishing, producing and developing Science and Technology in the country. The universities in the country place high emphasis on high quality education and invest in innovation, technological and theoretical international academic landscape. 

Greek Universities award certificates in the following fields:
Humanities, law and social sciences including theoretical faculties such as literature, law, sociology, art schools etc.
Science, including faculties of mathematics, physics, chemistry etc.
Health Science, including medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutics etc.
Technology, including architecture, polytechnic schools etc.
Economics and Administration, including economic, financial schools etc.

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