PANAJI: The southwest monsoon has officially withdrawn on October 19.
As it makes its exit, the stage is set for the arrival of the northeast monsoon, bringing with it a fresh set of meteorological dynamics.
The onset of Easterlies and Northeasterlies over southern peninsular India heralds the beginning of the northeast monsoon, expected to make its presence felt in the next 72 hours.
However, the India meteorological department (IMD) cautions that the initial phase of the Northeast monsoon is likely to be relatively weak.
On the other side of the Indian peninsula, a low-pressure area over the southeast and adjoining east central Arabian Sea has been making its way westwards.
It is anticipated to intensify into a depression over the southwest and adjoining west central Arabian Sea around October 21, potentially bringing inclement weather to those regions.
A cyclonic circulation persists, and its northwestward movement is predicted to spawn a low-pressure area over central parts of the Bay of Bengal by October 21.
This system is anticipated to evolve into a depression over the west central Bay of Bengal around October 23.
Also, other circulations and troughs have shown signs of weakening, including the western disturbance set to affect northwest India from October 21, as well as the troughs related to the cyclonic circulations over southeast Bay of Bengal and the Comorin area.

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