'Hostages In Areas That Hamas Knows We'll Bomb': Israel's Ex Top Adviser

Hamas’ attack on Israel is the worst attack on Jews since the holocaust and the Palestinian group is deliberately keeping hostages in places where it knows Israel would carry out bombings, the country’s former national security adviser has said. The comment by Eyal Hulata was in response to a statement by Hamas that nine more Israeli hostages have been killed in Gaza in Israeli airstrikes

In an exclusive interview with NDTV, Mr Hulata also said that Israel has got immense support from India, which means a lot to them because India is a very important country in the world and “a rising power globally”. 

“Last Saturday, Hamas carried out the worst terror attacks in the history of Israel. In fact, the amount of casualties, the amount of people slaughtered in their homes, in their beds, this does not resemble anything that Israel has experienced or Jewish people have experienced maybe since the holocaust. Hamas is a terrorist organisation and they have conducted this and done this deliberately,” Mr Hulata said. 

The former NSA asserted that the aim of the Israeli government is not to retaliate but to remove Hamas from leadership in Gaza so that these things cannot happen again. 

‘Human Shields’

Pointing to a Hamas statement that nine more hostages have been killed in Israeli airstrikes, Mr Huyata said that the group had snatched about 150 people, most of them civilians, including babies, the elderly, and people in wheelchairs. 

“They brought them back to Gaza to put them as human shields where we attack. The Israeli Army does not attack civilians. We give advance warning before we attack so that people know where it’s going to be. When nine Israeli hostages are killed by Hamas, what does that mean? It means Hamas put them where they know that we are attacking, deliberately, so that they can put this message out and try to demoralise the people in Israel. This is sickening and heartbreaking,” he said. 

Mr Huyata said Hamas needs to release all of the hostages immediately and this demand must not come just from Israel but from the international community. “Or at least till they are still alive, because as you can see Hamas is doing whatever they can to make sure that there are fewer every day,” he rued. 

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