NEW DELHI: A hotel owner in his thirties and his eight-year-old son were allegedly stabbed to death in their sleep at their residence in central Delhi’s Paharganj area, police said on Saturday.
The gruesome discovery of their lifeless bodies took place in the afternoon when the hotel owner’s wife and daughter, concerned by the lack of response to their repeated calls to the man’s mobile phone, decided to check on them.

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The victims have been identified as Anuj Singh and his son, Raunak.
A police officer detailed the distressing scene, stating, “The bodies were found on the first floor of the building, where Anuj resided with his family. Anuj had a deep neck wound and multiple stab wounds on his body. His lifeless body lay on the bed.” His son was found on the floor, surrounded by a pool of blood.
The house had been ransacked, and there were suspicions that valuable items were missing, the officer noted.
DCP (Central) SK Sain officially registered a murder case at the Nabi Karim Police Station, launching a comprehensive investigation into the double homicide.
The primary suspect in the case is a man named Sonu, originally from Muzaffarpur in Bihar, who had been employed as a hotel staff member and was residing on the building’s second floor. Significantly, Sonu had been missing since the morning and had absconded with both the mobile phone and the CCTV DVR from the building.
The police also disclosed that Anuj had recently purchased a house in Dwarka, which he frequently visited. Just the day before the tragic incident, Anuj, accompanied by his mother, wife, and two children, had visited their new house for a prayer session. While his mother and wife remained at the new house, Anuj and his son returned to their residence in Paharganj.
(With inputs from PTI)

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