'Hamas Doesn't Care About Human Suffering ': Israeli Author Yuval Harari To NDTV

Don’t just take one side, make an effort to see the complexity of the situation underscored Israeli author Yuval Harari, adding that Hamas doesn’t care about human suffering at all whether they are Israelis or Palestinians. 

Israel declared war on the Islamist group after waves of its fighters broke through the heavily fortified border on October 7, shooting, stabbing, and burning to death more than 1,400 people, most of them civilians. The country has likened the attack to its 9/11. 

“This competition of suffering is not doing anybody any good but Hamas…Hamas just doesn’t care about human suffering at all whether Israelis or Palestinians. They don’t care about this world; they are willing to consign this world into flames. They believe that by doing that they will get everlasting bliss in another world,” said the bestselling author.

Israel has responded with relentless bombing, killing around 2,750 people, the majority ordinary Palestinians, in the long-blockaded and impoverished Gaza Strip.

“There can’t be a victor in this competition of violence. All the horrible images that are circulating online, I would recommend not to watch such horror. By watching your doing what the terrorist wants. You are just feeding your mind with terrible hatred and fear. SO, instead do something practical – by donating, by joining some peace initiatives,” said Mr Harari.

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