Watch: Man Dressed As Beggar Goes To Buy iPhone 15 With A Sack Full Of Coins

The video was shared by an Instagram channel named ‘Experiment King’

In India, the pricey iPhones are often seen as a status symbol and common people cannot afford to spend so much on a phone. Recently, an Instagram channel named ‘Experiment King’ conducted a social experiment to see how shopkeepers would react if a beggar showed up to purchase an iPhone. 

In the video, a man dressed up as a beggar is seen visiting mobile showrooms in Jodhpur with a sack full of coins to purchase an iPhone 15. While some mobile stores didn’t allow him to enter, apparently because of his torn clothes, many refused to accept the coins as payment. However, one shop finally agreed to accept his unique payment mode. The man is then seen emptying the sack on the floor and handing it over to the shopkeeper and his staff. Later, the video shows the shopkeepers counting the coins. The beggar then takes the iPhone Pro Max, examines it, and poses with it. He also takes a picture with the shop owner, as others seem visibly surprised.

Watch the video here:

Since being shared, the video has over 34 million views, and several likes and comments. While some users loved the experiment, others appreciated the heartwarming response of the mobile store employees. 

One user said, ”It’s no one beggar looks like him.”

Another commented, “An entertaining and thought-provoking experiment, hahaha.”

A third stated, “This experiment is truly epic, my friend.”

A fourth commented, “Respect customers let it be anyone,” while a fifth added, ”Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Yet another added, ”The shopkeepers should learn to respect their customers, let it be anyone, poor or rich or beggar.”

Notably, Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone 15 series went on sale in India on September 22. Long queues were spotted outside Apple’s retail stores in Delhi and Mumbai ahead of the launch.

Apple’s iPhone 15 series (iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max) as well as the Apple Watch Series 9 and Watch Ultra 2 were announced on September 12 at their “Wonderlust” event.

The iPhone 15 with 128GB of base storage starts at ₹ 79,900, while the iPhone 15 Plus starts at ₹ 89,900. The iPhone 15 Pro with 128GB of storage starts at ₹ 134,900, and the iPhone 15 Pro Max with 256GB of storage starts at ₹ 159,900.

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