Tom Emmer To Kevin Hern, Frontrunners To Become US Speaker

Congressman Tom Emmer is one of the strongest contenders in the race

New Delhi:

Republican Jim Jordan’s quest to become speaker of the US House of Representatives ended on Friday. Mr Jordan failed to secure the number of votes required to take over the position. Now, as the race begins again, all eyes are on the frontrunners — Tom Emmer,  Kevin Hern, Mike Johnson, and Jack Bergman.

1. Tom Emmer

Congressman Tom Emmer is one of the strongest contenders in the race. He announced his GOP’s nomination for speaker on Friday.

Mr Emmer, who has former Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s support, took to his official X (earlier known as Twitter) account and wrote, “The American people elected us to deliver on a conservative agenda that secures our border, stops reckless spending, and holds Joe Biden accountable. We cannot afford to fail them. I’m running for Speaker of the House to bring our conference together and get back to work.”

2. Kevin Hern

Kevin Hern is the chairman of the Republican Study Committee. Not many would know, but Mr Hern used to own a McDonald’s franchise. 

At the time of announcing his participation in the race for US House Speaker, Mr Hern said, “We need a different type of leader who has a proven track record of success, which is why I am running for Speaker of the House.”

3. Mike Johnson 

Mike Johnson represents the 4th Congressional District of Louisiana.

He is also the Vice Chairman of House Republicans, as per his bio on X. 

Mr Johnson announced his candidacy in a detailed post on the social media platform. 

4. Jack Bergman

Jack Bergman, who represents the Michigan first district, has also been billed as one of the top contenders for the position of the House Of Speaker. 

Mr Bergman is the highest-ranking combat Veteran to have ever served in the US House.

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