'Typical Day In Bengaluru': Video Of Woman Working On Laptop While Riding Pillion Goes Viral

The video accumulated more than 1,000 Upvotes and several comments.

Bengaluru is known for its hustle culture and its traffic. Now, proving just that a video is going viral on social media which shows a woman working on her laptop while riding a pillion on a bike through the congested streets of India’s Silicon Valley. The video was posted on Reddit and it soon gained traction online. “Tell me you are in Bangalore without telling me you are in Bangalore,” the text on the clip read.

The video shows a woman sitting behind a man who was probably driving her to work. “Only in Bangalore,” the caption of the Reddit post read. 

Watch the video below: 

only in Bangalore
byu/Construction1ne inindianbikes

Internet was quick to react to the video. Shared just three days ago, it accumulated more than 1,000 Upvotes and several comments. A number of Redditors called it a “peak Bengaluru moment”, while others expressed concern over the safety of the woman. 

“That’s just so dumb,” wrote one user. “Are they attempting suicide? Because that will get them killed,” said another. 

“When work and date go hand in hand,” jokingly commented a third user. “A typical day in Bangalore,” added another.

“Waittt isn’t it normal to ride and use laptop?…..I mean that’s multitasking,” hilariously said another Redditor. 

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Meanwhile, this is not the first a woman was caught working on a laptop while riding a pillion on a back. Earlier this year, another picture surfaced in which a woman was seen riding a pillion on a Rapido bike through the congested streets of Bengaluru. The image was posted on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption, “peak Bengaluru moment. Women working on a rapido bike ride to the office”. 

The picture gained massive traction online and collected several comments. “Imagine the pressure if she has to work on a damn motorbike. How insensitive are the employers. But if she is late due to her own accord then she is to be blamed,” wrote one user. 

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